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Why in the World

written by

Aliceson Bales

posted on

November 9, 2020

“You’re doing what? Why in the world would you do that?”

     These are questions I get asked a lot and they usually come together. What exactly am I doing and why am I doing it?

     Barry and I have definitely traveled interesting paths to get where we are – he a full time, traveling musician and me a Physical Therapist. So how did we get here?

     When Barry and I married I was a happy full time PT and never even thought of owning a pet, much less livestock. We didn’t have pets growing up so even that was a stretch. We lived on the same farm we live on now and the most I did on the farm was run on the trails Barry cut out for me. So to say I never envisioned this life would be completely accurate. For over 10 years I kept walking that road. 

     After we had our son, Marshall, I started becoming more aware of the food I was feeding him. The quality of food and, really, our lifestyle in general. We traveled a lot, ate out more than at home and were generally on the go. 

     About the same time Barry and I watched some documentaries on food and agriculture and I read some books on the food industry. They opened my eyes and made me check my heart. I had so many questions! What is going on with our food? Am I supporting the mistreatment of animals? Do I want to support this industry? Do I want my husband and son to be eating these ingredients? How can I get real food? Isn’t there a better way??

     So I prayed as I walked around the farm for days and weeks and months. I felt God calling me to slow down and change our lifestyle. To grow some food – real food. To plant a garden. Plant some fruit trees. Get those chickens Marshall kept asking for. Just easy things in the beginning. 

     So that is what started us down this road. It really did consist of small steps, but this is about the why behind the what. So my answer to why truly is that I feel called to do this. I am passionate that what we eat matters! We need to feed our bodies real food. Real ingredients. We do need to eat more at home and less in a car. We need to start getting Whole Foods from people who grow them instead of bagged food passed through a window. We need to sit down and “break bread” with those we love. In a world where isolation is prevalent and the most prescribed drugs are for anxiety and depression we need to feel connected. We long to be known and loved. And maybe that sounds far fetched since all we do is grow a little food and raise a few animals but I believe we give you access to a piece of the puzzle that when completed looks like a full, happy and healthy life. 

     Everyday we make a choice with what and how we eat. Our choice is shown in what we buy, where we buy, where we eat. We can either choose whole and nutritious, real food or imitations of real food. Those imitators are cheaper for sure! And easier! I know that. But maybe just cheaper and easier at first. There are tons of research and books on the topic of real food versus fake food and the long term benefits of each. I wrote a blog a few months ago on the benefits of grass fed beef and there are other amazing articles as well. I believe in those benefits. I believe they matter. And I believe you deserve better. 

     So that’s a bit of my why. I believe what we eat matters. I believe it matters where your food comes from and the life your food lived before it became your food. I believe we are called to eat well and treat what we eat well. I believe we all need the best food we can attain and that it looks a lot like eating like we eat as a family and like our customers eat. Grass fed beef and lamb, pastured pork and pastured chicken and eggs. 

     So we strive to offer you the very best – the most delicious and nutritious food available on the market. It’s our life. Our passion and our calling. Come see us anytime and see for yourself what we are doing. 


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