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Our Farm's Story

This land has been in our family since 1882 - Marshall is the 6th generation to live and farm here.  Since he was old enough to walk, Barry spent every possible moment following his grandfather all over these fields - on foot, on horseback, or on the trusty old 8N tractor.  A lot has changed since then but our family's love for this land still remains.  We raise grass-fed/grass finished beef, pasture-raised chicken, pasture-raised pork, and free range eggs.  We employ regenerative agricultural methods that grow better grass, build healthier soil, and produce the healthiest, happiest animals possible!

  • Barry Bales
    Barry Bales
  • Aliceson Bales
    Aliceson Bales
  • Marshall Bales
    Marshall Bales

Grass. Fresh Air. Sunshine.