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What is self care?

October 8, 2021

How do you do it? What does it look like to you?

Self care. What is it and what does it look like in your world?

I’ve had a few conversations with friends lately about our world right now and how we’re dealing with it (or not). Words like “languishing” “exhausted” “sleep deprived” and “weary” keep coming up in conversation. Friends with TMJ pain, neck strains and fractured teeth from grinding all due to stress. I recently did some research on our habits as humans during this crazy thing called a pandemic we’re living in and found 75% of American adults say they are living with a “significant” amount of stress which has increased since March, 2020. Alcohol sales have increased 54%. And y’all have all seen the overspending we’re doing with Amazon!

So obviously we’re not living our best lives right now. We are stressed. We are burdened. We are in a word - languishing.

How can we change the trajectory? How can we turn this ship around and give ourselves better days and nights? What does that look like in your world?

I’ve been thinking about this and trying to implement some things into my routine - some things that I’m doing for me (and therefore, by extension, Barry and Marshall). Maybe it’ll help you, too, and if so I’d love for you to join me on my journey.

  1. Daily exercise. Honestly I’m not running much right now. I’d love to! But right now I just don’t have the time between homeschooling Marshall, serving as President of our homeschool cooperative school, farm chores, etc. So I’m being intentional about doing something everyday. Even if it’s 2-3 10 minute walks around the farm throughout the day. I do try to wake up before everyone else and get a workout in before the day starts and that is a tremendous help but if I can’t a quick walk a couple of times each day is amazing for my heart and mind. When I was running 6 miles a day I obviously didn’t work out everyday but continuous, meaningful and purposeful movement each day does help tremendously with my mental, emotional and physical health.
  2. I’m drinking a gallon of water each day. No excuses. Is it decreasing my wrinkles? Making my skin look like it did when I was 21? Not really but maybe it’s helping. It is helping my overall GI system and I do feel better. It’s something that takes little effort, is free and keeps me from snacking so much. Because when I’m drinking water I’m less likely to grab chocolate from the pantry I’ve noticed. I feel more satiated.
  3. I’m journaling each day. I have a daily Bible study and then I write things I want to learn, 3 things I’m thankful for that day and end with a written prayer.
  4. I’m learning to realign my expectations of those around me. Trying to have decreased expectations of people and increased grace. Because guess what? We’re all going through some majorly tough stuff right now!
  5. I’m trying to enjoy the little things like chocolate, a good book or a glass of wine and use those gifts as that. Gifts. Not a way to check out of my life. A way to enjoy it more.

So there you have it. Five little, easy peasy ways to hopefully decrease your stress, improve your attitude and help you enjoy life. If you’d like to join me let me know! Hit me up here or on our social media platforms. Let me know what’s working for you!


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