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The Family Hit

written by

Aliceson Bales

posted on

September 30, 2022

Hey everybody! I recently shared a picture of a very unhealthy but fun game day meal and y’all have been ALL IN asking for the recipes so here you go.

The meal in question was smothered tater tots. I fry the tots, cover with shredded Monterey Jack (or Colby) cheese and diced bacon and then melt everything together in the oven. I serve it in the cast iron skillet I baked it in alongside a dressing that is kind of similar to Ranch dressing.

If you don’t make your own dressing I encourage you to try it. Dressings in the grocery store are pricey and really unhealthy. Plus they’re not nearly as tasty as what you can make at home. And homemade dressings don’t take any time. You just stir in a bowl or shake in a mason jar and you’re ready to go. I’m going to share with you how I make this dressing I use for the tater tots as well as a dressing for salad, sandwich spread and/or dip for crudités. I call this dressing The Family Hit.

The Family Hit Dip/Dressing:

1/2 cup mayonnaise (I always use JFG)

1/4 cup milk (it doesn’t matter whether it’s skim, 2% or whole)

1 1/2 teaspoons dill

1/2 teaspoon parsley

1/2 teaspoon chives

1/2 teaspoon onion powder

1/2 teaspoon garlic powder

1/2 teaspoon pepper

pinch salt

Stir all that together in a bowl with a spoon and you’re done! If you want it more “liquidy” just add an additional teaspoon or so of milk and you’ll have a dressing more like what you get in a restaurant.

if you need it more sturdy just go light on the milk (or substitute sour cream) and it will be a thicker dip.

And yes it’s a lot of dill. We like dill. It brightens up anything and everything.

This is my family’s favorite dressing. It might not be your family’s favorite though. You might like sour cream (we don’t really) so you might want to add it. The point is that when you’re making dressing at home you can personalize it to your specific taste.

And this always makes more than we eat at one time. So tonight I’m going to add chipotle peppers and adobo sauce to make a chipotle family dressing for the chicken, avocado, bacon chopped salad we’re having.

Use this as a guide and play around with it! I think you’ll like it and I bet your people will, too. And it’ll be so much better than the bottle you get at the store.

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