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Podcast roundup!

written by

Aliceson Bales

posted on

February 9, 2023

We are in the bleak midwinter here, only today is sunny, breezy and 70 degrees. Yep. 70 degrees! Everybody is confused but I’m enjoying the beautiful weather while we have it. And in true East Tennessee fashion they’re calling for snow in 3 days!

I hope wherever you call home you’re enjoying this season.

I love winter myself. I love seeing snow and I’m always happy to have a slower snow day where we can relax, read a book by the fire and look out at the beauty that God shows us. Winter is also a slower season here on the farm. There are less chores (outdoor anyway) and usually the land rests. So after the super busy seasons of spring, summer and fall, winter is a retreat. A blissful and blissful rest. And I am embracing it!

This past weekend Marshall and I were featured on Amy Campbell’s podcast, The Tennessee Farm Table. You can listen here https://www.tennesseefarmtable.com/ or anywhere else you get your podcasts. Amy is a sweet, sweet friend and an experienced voice in entertainment and education for our region. I’m thrilled to be a part of her podcast any and every time she asks me. Sometimes I share recipes like my mom’s famous deviled eggs, my apple pie or pimento cheese recipes and sometimes Marshall talks about his experiences in 4H and with his chickens. And when we’re listening and not participating Amy interviews tastemakers, producers, restauranteurs, bakers and other notable folks in and around the Appalachian region. Amy is the premier voice of Appalachian podcasters. She’s amazing and lovely and just one of the best people I know. I encourage you to check her out!

And this upcoming week we will drop our next episode of the Bales Farms Podcast. This episode is all about getting your own chickens so I encourage you to listen in if that’s something you’re interested in. We walk you through every step - from thinking about hens to eating your first egg. We share our wins and our losses. We share everything we have learned in over 10 years and 5,000 chickens so please listen in. You can find our podcasts on the website, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and any other place I’m not hip to.

And one other thing - I’m speaking this year at The Homesteading Festival in Columbia, Tennessee, just outside Nashville. I’m a small fry but Joel Salatin, Rory Feek, Temple Grandin and other HUGE names will be there so it’s gonna be great! And if you’re interested and reading this blog, shoot me a text or email and I’ll give you a link for 20% off your tickets.

That’s it for now! Thanks so much!


Joel Salatin

Rory Feek

The Homesteading Festival


Amy Campbell

Tennessee Farm Table podcast

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