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Marshall's blog

November 9, 2020

Hello everyone! Its me Marshall again and I just wanted to let you know about the upcoming chick chain! If you don’t know what that is and want me to tell you then read on!               

The chick chain is a program where 4H members come together and sell chickens. When we start the program in April we get the chickens as day old chicks and we take care of them for 20 weeks until they start to lay eggs. We give them special food and we keep them healthy and clean. 

The chickens we will auction are: Buff Orpingtons, Easter eggers, White brahmas,  and Rhode Island reds. The buffs are personally my favorite because they lay eggs all through the year, they are very docile and look beautiful. 

Now you might be asking your self,”where would my money go?” The money goes back to the kids but also some goes to 4H. And if you ever want to come it’s at the Greene County Fairgrounds on Saturday September 21. So come on down if you want to get amazing chickens!

Now if you already forgot here’s an overview: 4Hers raise chickens with amazing care that you can buy that already lay eggs at the Greene County Fairgrounds on September 21st at 12:00. So that’s all I have to say and I hope I see you there!

Marshall Bales

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