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Hosting Through The Holidays

December 22, 2021

Okay. Raise your hand if you’ve ever hosted people in your home after yelling at those IN your home. . .

Waiting. Waiting. I’m assuming everyone has their hand raised?? If not, are you being completely honest with me? Really?

I’m not judging! I’ve done it, too. It’s stressful having people in your home. Especially after work, school, homework, ballet, tennis, basketball. . . The bathrooms need fluffing (and probably flushing if you have kids). The floors need vacuuming. All the shoes need to find homes. And coats. And gloves. And toys. And remote controls.

It’s tough and frustrating and, if you’re not a natural hostess, terrifying. But it doesn’t have to be! So read on and let me give you some simple solutions to help solve the dilemma you’re in as you get ready to host folks in your home.

  1. Ease up on yourself (and those around you). So what if everything isn’t Instagram worthy? As long as the commodes are flushed and people can find a place to sit it’ll be fine. Shut the doors and no one will venture in rooms that aren’t for public display. No one will go over your furniture with white gloves inspecting for dust or look under your bed. It’s fine. A comfy and inviting home will do wonders putting your guests at ease. So give yourself some grace and light a few candles.
  2. Make a drink. I have a drink of the night prepared. Usually something mixed with vodka as that’s universally appealing (there are some fabulous ideas in my cookbook if you need some inspiration). And if I know my guests like wine I have a bottle of red and one of white. And of course I have some knock-out nonalcoholic options because not everyone has alcohol in their lives. The point is this - welcome your guests with a drink upon arrival and they will feel welcome, at ease and relax. (Plus if they drink enough they won’t even look at the mess you didn’t have time to clean!).
  3. Feed them! Charcuterie is perfect. Not everyone cooks and I get that. But everybody can spread items on a piece of wood and call themselves Martha Stewart. Fix a charcuterie board (I recommend 3 cheeses, 2 meats, pickles or olives, grapes, dried apricots, a fig spread, small chocolates and 2-3 crackers or bread psticks), throw down some napkins and fancy toothpicks and you’ve got all the appetizers you need.
  4. Spin the tunes. There are fantastic playlists out there. My friend, Caryn Stover, hooked me on Hipster Cocktail years ago. I love it still. I also love anything Lake Street Dive does and there are playlists built around their genre of music. Just don’t play bluegrass. It kills a party. (Kidding. Kind of.)
  5. Take a deep breath, let it go, and enjoy yourself. The mess will be there when everyone leaves so enjoy this time with your friends and loved ones!

That’s it! Five things to do to host a fabulous party. Enjoy yourself. Laugh. Relax.

Happy holidays! Please send pictures and tag us with your boards and people.


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