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Gift Guide Number Three - Fitness

written by

Aliceson Bales

posted on

November 20, 2023

Note - this post contains affiliate links

I've been asked to do a blog for fitness finds for a while and I've put it off until now so I figured I might as well write it in time for you to use it for gifts this season.

Y'all who see me in real life know I'm in running pants, a sports bra and tee 99% of the time and sometimes it's because I've been exercising. Sometimes (let's be honest) it's because I'm lazy. I remember not too long ago I had jeans and a top on and Marshall asked where I was going so dressed up.😵‍💫 Yikes. That could be a nudge for me to wear real clothes more often, I suppose. But at least you know I know my fitness gear, right??

I do exercise at least 6 days each week unless there's something catastrophic going on. I am a regular runner, yoga participant (I don't consider myself a yogi at all - just a beginner), old school step aerobics gal, pilates fan, small weight girl and walker. I am in workout clothes right now - it's currently 4:50am (I suppose sleep evades you more often once you're 50) - and I'll grab a quick work out before my day "starts" after this blog post. So. . . what I'm trying to say is you can trust me on my recommendations on this blog.

Let's jump in, shall we?

These running pants are a MUST. I've had every brand I know. I have spent a little money and a lot of money on different brands (you all know the brands) and these are my favorite. Last week on my second run of the week they were in the dirty clothes and I couldn't wear them. The pants I had to run in instead kept creeping down and I tugged my way through the 5 miles, hating myself for being too lazy to do a quick load. These pants aren't expensive. So buy them. They are true to size so don't size up (this is important in running gear in my opinion - some of the running pants are sized for dolls). The only potential downsize in these pants is that the pocket is tiny but they are so fantastic I don't miss it. Seriously. Just buy these pants. They're less than $30 and I've had them for almost a year and run in them at least weekly.

Barry gifted me this watch and I'm so thankful. I've never had a Garmin gadget before. I've always used Fitbit devices. This watch is elevating my life. Truly. I love the tracking on it. Battery life is good and it charges quickly. It syncs up well and gives accurate information. Plus it looks nice - as opposed to most fitness watches. It looks like a really nice watch with a regular face instead of a plastic bracelet. It would be a nice Christmas gift is all I'm saying. So if you have a fitness fanatic in your life - this is a great gift!  

I love a medicine ball. This one is nice and grippy. I have an exercise routine I do several times a week with it - it's not long and takes only about 5-10 minutes but it includes throwing this weighted ball up and catching it so it doesn't work with dumbbells. This is a great option for an often-used and always-overlooked piece of equipment. Plus it doesn't take up any room in your "home gym" (which is the family room in my house).

These little guys are also great for working your stabilizing muscles. They take up zero room and I believe everyone should have a set of these. If you're over 40 you need to be working your stabilizing muscles!

And speaking of working your stabilizing muscles. . . . Women, get this. Just add it to your cart and buy it. You won't use it every week (or maybe you will!) but you'll need it and wish you had it before too long. And when you have it feel free to call me and I'll walk you through how to use it because WOMEN'S HEALTH IS IMPORTANT and you need to make sure your pelvic floor musculature is healthy! I've been a Physical Therapist for almost 30 years. Please trust me on this. You'll feel better, stand taller, sneeze with more confidence, jump on the trampoline again - all the things. Buy this and use it! Please. (I will say there are newer, electronic devices out now but I have used/recommended these for a long time and think they are great.)

I almost didn't include these shoes - not because I don't love them (I do!) - but because you really need to know what shoes you need in order to be the most efficient and effective exerciser you can be. But I have had so many people ask me over the years what I run in so here you go. I've used Asics almost exclusively since college. I've gone to other brands but I always come back to these. They hold my foot in a good neutral position while I run. I get a good, solid heel strike and toe off. The wear patterns are good and the shoes are durable.They are light with enough cushioning and clean up well. (I'm tough on my running shoes I'll be honest. I trail run and road run and these work well on both surfaces.)

These are the shoes I travel in because they're amphibious and light. Also the colors are nice because they don't show so much dirt. I like having walking/running shoes when I travel that can go from the street to the beach without missing a beat and these fit the bill. I've flown in these several times and they slip on and off easily plus are great walkers. (These are NOT my primary running shoes! But great shoes for the occasional jogger, beach walker and traveler.)

Okay, y'all that's it for today! I hope you found something on this list to inspire you to take that next step, hop, leap or Kegel contraction. 





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