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Loving people through food for six generations.

We produce grass-fed/grass finished beef, forest-raised pork and pasture-raised chicken.

Hey y'all! We’re Barry, Aliceson and Marshall Bales – sixth generation farmers from East Tennessee and we want you to be the hero of your own healthy family. We understand access to "beyond organic" meats can feel unattainable and expensive and knowing how to prepare foods in healthy ways may be confusing or intimidating. That’s where we come in. 

Since 1882, Bales Farms has been family-owned and operated. Family values and how we treat our animals mean everything to us. We’re proud of what we do and the people we serve. We’d love for you to join our family of those dedicated to buying and supporting local farmers!

Serving Greeneville, Knoxville, Kingsport, Johnson City, & Northeast Tennessee.

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Leave the stress of meal planning and prep at the door. Aliceson will teach you everything you need to know about preparing pasture raised meats and other healthy foods the way our grandparents used to eat. 

Check out her new cookbook here:

What our customers are saying...

I can’t express the joy I get when I get a delivery from Bales Farms !! Always top notch quality ! They bring the joy and appreciation back to cooking.
Jennifer B - Johnson City, TN Jennifer B - Johnson City, TN
Excellent beef and chicken from a local farm. Delivery to Kingsport was an added bonus as well. Highly recommended!
Ryan G - Kingsport, TN Ryan G - Kingsport, TN
We had steak the other night and cooked two filets from Bales Farms and two filets from (a well-known national company). We were blown away at how much better Bales were... I have always enjoyed (the other provider) but when put up to yours, I will never go back!
Michelle G - Greeneville, TN Michelle G - Greeneville, TN

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